How to download FC2 Videos

How to download videos of FC2 Videos. MediaClip makes it easy to download and save FC2 movies.

How to Download Videos

  • Application top screen

    Search by entering FC2 Video in the search window

    Enter "FC2 Video" in the search window on the top screen of the application and search.

  • Web search result

    Access FC2 Video from web search results

    Since web search results are displayed, Please access FC2 Video.

  • Movie page on video site

    Access target video page on FC2 video site

    After accessing FC2 Video, display the movie page you want to download.
    Tap the "DL" button in the upper right when displaying the movie page.
    * If you are not an FC2 member, you can download "Nomarl quality" only .

  • Downloadable video list

    Select displayed item

    When you press the DL button, items are displayed in the movie list.
    Select this item and press the "DL" button again.
    * The name of the downloaded file is different from the movie title.
    * Movie files are 3gp files.

  • Movie download progress

    Video download will start

    The download of the selected video starts, and the progress of the download is displayed in real time.

  • List of videos saved in the playlist

    Manage downloaded videos with playlists

    Videos that have been downloaded will enter the "Playlist" in the application and you will be able to play at any time.
    In addition, the movie is saved in a folder named "Movies" in the terminal. Please check the Movies folder when referring from other applications.

App Download

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